Waking Up Chase

Image of Waking Up Chase

After a wild night partying with some newly acquainted college friends, Chase awakens in a place that is not his dorm room and is not sure who he is. In this invigorating journey of trying to not only retrace his steps from the night before but the four years that have gone by, Chase realizes his life will never be the same again.

Prepare yourself to join Chase as he uncovers people, opportunities, and lessons he once took for granted. On this journey, he will experience life shifting breakthroughs and an unexpected mentor one would never imagine. Are you ready to Wake Up Chase?

A few of the topics covered include:

-Why planning EARLY for college success is crucial
-How your PEER group relates to your grades and retention
-The ability to start NEW with a FRESH start freshman year
-Why building RELATIONSHIPS on campus is important for your future
-The MINDSET TRANSITION needed from High School to College
-How to conquer FEAR & self-doubt to dominate on campus and beyond

All packaged in a relevant and interesting story your students will enjoy reading!